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LWML is putting together a WRELC cookbook. The last time this was completed was almost 40 years ago. Church Cookbooks are a wonderful way to preserve the rich tradition and history of the members and their favorite recipes or recipes handed down for generations. Through the coming year please be prepared to submit your favorite recipes. We want as many recipes as we can get. The recipes will be submitted through the Church Website—just click the banner and fill out the form.This will help us keep them organized. Further, we will be asking for only certain categories of recipes at a time to further aid in keeping things organized.  Let’s get cooking!

Please submit your recipe (one at a time) from this Form:

Submissions for the Appetizers and Beverages category is closed. We are moving onto the next category!

Submissions for the Breads and Rolls category is closed. We are moving onto the next category!

For June 2022 - Soups

for Lenten soup suppers!

If you are unsure if your recipe fits this category please submit it anyways and the editors will make a final determination on how it will be categorized. Also, please mark your recipe if it is designed to be Gluten-Free; Diary-free; Nut-Free.

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Salads category opens on July 1, 2022

Main Dishes category opens on August 1, 2022

Pies, Desserts, and other goodies category opens on September 1, 2022

Cookies and Candy category opens on October 1, 2022

This and That category opens on November 1, 2022


Thank you for your help!

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