“…to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up…”

Rev. Elisha Lietzau

Rev. Lietzau has been a strong supporter of March for Life. Here are a couple of speeches he made at the event in New Mexico in the past that speaks of how each life should be viewed and treated with dignity from the moment of conception - each being a gift from God.

Photo of Pastor Lietzau and his family

Vicar Solomona Rakotonirina

We are blessed to have Vicar Solomon in our midst this year. He is a student pastor who is continuing his study to become a pastor.

Vicar Solomon and his wife Mihoby

Lucy Simons

Church Secretary

While she has a degree in music education and was a former music teacher for a small, private Christian school, she has experience in office administration as well. She used her office skills to help pay for her college education.

Lucy, her husband, Alan, and two boys, Henry and George have been members of Wheat Ridge Lutheran for a few years. Lucy is involved in the church choir and the LWML. In her spare time, Lucy enjoys bullet journaling, playing the flute, arranging music, and making Chrismons.

Photo of Lucy