Bible Study – Leviticus

Both Christ and his apostles show that the rituals in Leviticus are still relevant for us today. While the law of Moses does not prescribe what we do in the Divine Service, it helps us to understand how God interacts with us in Christ and in the Divine Service. As we study Leviticus, we will have this very understanding in mind, and hopefully we will see at the end of each unit how every Levitical ritual is fulfilled in Christ and conveyed to the church in the Divine Service.

26. Chapter 19 part 2

25. Chapter 19 part 1

23. Chapter 17 – Ritual Use and Abuse of Blood

22. Chapter 16 – The Day of Atonement

20. Chapter 14-1-32

19. Chapter 13-1-59—The Diagnosis of Impurity from Skin Diseases

18. Chapter 12 1 8 Impurity from Childbirth

17. Chapter 11-1-47—Instruction on Clean and Unclean Meat

16. Chapter 10-1-20—The Penalty for Disobedience Part 2

15. Chapter 10-1-20—The Penalty for Disobedience

14. Chapter 9-1-24—The Inauguration of the Divine Service Part 2

13. Chapter 9:1-24 – The Inauguration of the Divine Service

12. Chapter 8:1-36 Part 2

9. Chapter 5:14-Chapter 6:7

8. Chapter 4:1-Chapter 5:13

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